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Say “I Do!” to a Lease-Purchase Program for Jewelry Financing


A lot of people choose to get married when they are in their late twenties. This is still true today. However, people still face the same issues when getting married young. They can’t afford the engagement rings. Most are just barely out of college, if they have graduated yet, and their credit isn’t quite established.

What about savings?

That’s hard to establish as a young adult. Being young and ready to ask your chosen mate to marry you shouldn’t have to put a damper put on the happy occasion because you can’t afford engagement rings.

Perhaps you do have credit, but it’s all tied up in student loans and credit cards with no wiggle room, especially for a big purchase like jewelry. You could even have bad credit. What can you do that won’t delay getting your loved one the engagement ring you want?

Use Jewelry Financing

A jewelry financing program can include lease-purchase options that do not require you to have credit in place. You can find the engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other type of jewelry you desire and take it home the same day you purchase it.

The merchandise is immediately yours when you choose jewelry financing. All you have to do is agree to make scheduled payments or utilize early payment options. Such finance options give you the ability to plan the perfect proposal without waiting.

Take Home Big-Ticket Jewelry with Lease-Purchase Programs

Okinus stores offer jewelry financing so you can get the beautiful jewelry you want and pay it off gradually. All you have to do is make timely, regular payments that are based on the price of the jewelry and the financing options agreed upon. The more payments you make, the closer you are to owning the jewelry 100%.

Lease to own programs can help you come out on top. Be sure to ask about all of your jewelry financing options such as early payment options, max approvals, 24-month term options, benefits programs, and the ability to purchase an additional approval amount. Okinus contractors are always ready to help with superior customer service from friendly and knowledgeable associates.

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