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Do You Have No or a Bad Credit History? Lease to Own Financing Is the Answer


Nearly 30% of people in the United States have bad or poor credit. What does this mean for you when you need new appliances, furniture or even an HVAC unit? You could have trouble purchasing any of those items unless you utilize flexible lease-purchase programs. A lease-purchase program is a financial option for people with no credit or a bad credit history. Think of it as a great alternative to a bank loan. It is a feasible option for everyone when it comes to financing. The terms tend to be budget-friendly with other benefits including affordable payments.

How Do Flexible Lease-Purchase Programs Work?

Lease to own programs, or a lease-purchase agreement is made between a finance company and a borrower. The agreement allows borrowers to purchase merchandise including jewelry that is fully owned by the borrower after the lease to own term is final. You are essentially ‘leasing’ products including electronics, computers, and furniture and making payments that accumulate in regards to the final purchase price. Most flexible lease-purchase programs outline all of the details of an agreement including how to purchase an item outright.

Once you sign documents, you are given the chance to purchase products during or at the final stages of a lease. Simply apply for bad credit financing, find the merchandise you want from top brands and high-quality products, review the terms of flexible lease-purchase programs, sign the documents, and receive your new products. Make monthly payments that are on time, or fully pay for items before the agreement is up if you prefer. The entire time you will be rebuilding or building your credit.

Flexibility Is a Main Benefit for Lease-Purchase Programs

Added flexibility makes for great finance options. You get the ability to choose from a plethora of top-quality, name-brand merchandise without the stress of being turned down for credit. There are many different payment options that can help you choose terms that are just right for your budget. You get the freedom to purchase much-needed items, even water heaters with zero down leasing. Building or rebuilding credit doesn’t get any easier than this. Other benefits include quick approval processes, minimal maintenance, and budget-friendly payments.

Understand the Terms of Flexible Lease-Purchase Programs

Many flexible lease-purchase programs offer the same kind of terms. It’s a relief to know that you don’t need good credit, or any credit at all to get started. There may be a small processing fee, but otherwise, there is no need to put any money down either. Just shop for the products, furniture, electronics or appliances that you want to lease to own. Once approved, schedule for big-ticket items to be delivered directly to your home. A lease to own program is much easier on budgets when compared to other types of loans too.

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