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Okinus (Oh-Kin-Us) is a fast and friendly lease-purchase program provider that offers instant approvals of up to $8,000 with no credit needed. We provide much-needed options to consumers who really need them. Our approvals help good people bring home what they want when they need it – with no embarrassment of rejection or long waits for approvals.

We understand that many good people may have not-so-great credit. Our founder grew up in the furniture and financing businesses. Having seen hard-working individuals struggle for basic comforts, he decided to do something to help, so in 2004, Okinus was created with those exact families in mind.

As the largest independent provider of lease-purchase programs in the industry, Okinus is seen as a second chance for consumers and a way to begin rebuilding credit. All of our representatives genuinely care about providing the best quality consumer, contractor, and retailer experience possible. That commitment to quality is backed by a significant investment in our technology, positioning us among the industry’s most trusted partners in communities across the country.

No credit financing

Are You A Retailer?

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Find out if your customers are approved instantly. Access our easy-to-use dealer portal and submit the customer’s completed one-page application. Then share the good news with your customer within 10 seconds. No documentation is required for most applicants. Our job is to find every way possible to help you say “yes” to more customers.

We beat our competition in approval amounts and have lower income requirements.

90 Day Early Payment options.

Multiple lease options – No down payment or lower monthly payments.

Up to 24-month terms mean low payments and the power to bring home more merchandise.

Get an instant approval and create your own Okinus contract. No waiting customers.

We are available seven days a week – whether it’s talking with your customer, explaining a contract, or answering general retailer questions.

No credit financing

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