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Is it Time to Replace Your Furniture but You Have Bad Credit?


Did you know that the lifespan of a sofa is between seven and fifteen years? Is your furniture that old or older? Are you embarrassed for people to come over and see or use your furniture? You need new furniture so you can get comfortable in your home again. Luckily there are finance options, even if you have bad credit. Use flexible lease-purchase programs available from furniture dealers that can assist you in furnishing your home. You may even qualify for instant approval. You do not need any credit. There will be no embarrassment when it comes to rejection or waiting for a long time for approval. There are finance options available that can get you quality furniture from the best manufacturers.

Use Okinus Furniture Financing Solutions

Okinus stores offer lease-purchase programs to people who have bad credit, giving them the second chance, they deserve to rebuild their credit. Choose from many finance options that are flexible in nature whether you are looking for new living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture or you need to furnish your own personal office at home. You can even choose laptop financing to fully round out your private workspace. The prices are affordable, the furniture is high-quality, and the finance options are second to none.

Get Instant Access to Furniture

Have you already been to multiple furniture stores that turned you down due to bad credit? Even people with bad credit deserve the opportunity to prove they can pay their debt. A lease-purchase program is a perfect way to do that. You get the merchandise you need without the need to pay any cash upfront. No credit is necessary.

You may be wondering what a lease-purchase program is. This type of plan involves having a payment plan set up that allows you to purchase name-brand, brand-new furniture and pay for it over an allocated course of time. This could be over a few years, months or weeks making weekly cash payments. There are actually many items available using a lease-purchase program too. When you necessitate new appliances or an HVAC system, consider lease-purchasing options that are there for you when you need them the most.

Know the Advantages of Using Different Finance Options

There are significant benefits to using lease to purchase options. Your credit history or score does not matter. That’s why this type of program is attractive to people who haven’t established any credit yet too. You get the chance to get the furnishing you’ve always wanted by making prompt payments that will help to build a decent credit score over time. The more furniture you purchase in this manner, the higher your credit score will become when you make timely payments.

Credit-challenged consumers can benefit from exceptional financing options using an easy application process, secure and clear payment methods, technology, as well as fast delivery all with superior customer service at Okinus. Get the ability to lease the furniture you want at affordable prices whenever you desire. Zero-down furniture leasing doesn’t get any better than this.

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