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Your First Home: Simple Ways to Furnish on a Budget


Few experiences are more incredible than moving into your first house. However, decorating your first home can sometimes be more overwhelming than you thought it would be. Oftentimes, new homeowners have dreams of renovating their kitchens or completely redesigning their living rooms only to realize they don’t have it in their budget for granite countertops or a new couch.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can successfully furnish and decorate your new home without breaking your budget. Here’s how you can decorate on a dime without sacrificing your style.

Focus on shopping for the home you have

One of the biggest mistakes first-time homeowners make is shopping for furniture items and appliances that they love but that don’t suit the space. When you invest in pieces that look lovely on their own but look awkward in your house, you’ll not only end up spending more money than you need to but you’ll also have a storage unit filled with unused furniture.

Shop garage sales for accent pieces

When it comes to adding details to your home, you can find many unique pieces at garage sales, yard sales, and secondhand shops. Take a look around for accent chairs, fun knick-knacks, and even house plants that can help to give your new home some personality. Don’t assume you need to splurge to give your home that lived-in look you’re going for.

Thrift stores are ideal for homebuyers or first-time renters who are fresh out of college as well. The average college student has three credit cards and typically has a very slim budget. Make sure to shop around at different stores, too, to give your space a sense of variety.

Seek out financing for furniture and appliances

Few homeowners actually have it in their budget to completely redecorate their homes when they move into a new house. This is especially true for first-time homeowners. Instead of cutting into their savings, homeowners often choose financing for furniture and new appliances.

Financing for furniture gives you the ability to invest in the furniture pieces you love without waiting over a year to save up just for a couch. Appliance financing also gives you the ability to buy new appliances that are energy-efficient so you can shrink your energy bills now rather than later.

Do you need financing for furniture with early payment options? Okinus has the lease-purchase programs you need to furnish your home when you need it. To learn more about our financing options including new appliance financing, contact Okinus today.

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