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3 Signs Your Appliances Are Due for an Upgrade


In a perfect world, your appliances would last forever, but even the most energy-efficient and long-lasting appliances need to be replaced at some point. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to figure out when your appliances just need a little elbow grease and when they need to be completely replaced.

Here are three common signs that your appliances are getting ready to kick the bucket so you can start planning on making a new investment instead of saving for a repair.

  1. Your appliances make cooking a hassle. Homeowners are more likely to use their kitchens after they’ve made a kitchen renovation, and it makes sense. When you have older appliances, they can’t function the way you need them to in order to do the cooking you want. Upgrading your kitchen appliances gives you the chance to cook and bake without the frustration of dealing with dysfunctional stoves and ovens that may not heat the way you need them to.
  2. Your appliances don’t match. It’s perfectly okay to have mismatching chairs and furniture because you can always use color and pattern to bring the home together in a cohesive look. But when you have too many mismatching appliances from different decades, it can make your home look like a used appliance showroom. When all of your appliances are new or from the same year, it can be easier to keep track of their lifecycle including when they need to be repaired and when they need to be replaced.
  3. Your house is starting to sound like a mechanical zoo. It’s normal for your appliances to occasionally make some noise. However, your appliances should never make more than the occasional hum. Thumping washing machines, clanking stoves, and grinding sounds from your dishwasher are all signs that you may need new appliances.

Looking for appliance financing?

If you know your home needs new appliances but can’t afford to buy them, you’re not alone. Approximately 50% of people in the U.S. are living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to make the upgrades their homes seriously need. Fortunately, there’s appliance financing available to help you get the new appliances you need without breaking the bank.

Okinus offers financing for new appliances, including bad credit financing, with early payment options so you can get the appliances you need when you need them. For more information about our flexible lease-purchase programs and financing options, contact Okinus today.

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