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Why You Should Lease-Purchase for Your Dream Appliances Today

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Have you ever tried lease-purchase programs? Did you know that they have early payment options and there is often no credit needed financing? So, why don’t more of us take advantage of such offers?

It’s mostly because we’ve been taught or experienced how credit card debt is a bad thing. The bottom line is though, it’s not a bad thing if it is used correctly. Lease-purchase programs are one of the best options because there is always help available and a definitive plan to pay it all back.

With over 157 million Americans in credit card debt, lease-purchase programs are a safer and more controlled way to buy the items you need. There is no need to wait and save for the items you need today with lease-purchase programs.

Here are five reasons why utilizing lease-purchase programs is a good idea when it comes to appliance financing.

  1. Cost

    Appliances are expensive. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, appliances are just getting bigger and brighter. You can purchase a refrigerator with a TV now! While appliances are expensive, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best or even the second-best. Lease-purchase programs are designed for financing your appliances easily and affordably. If you dream of owning a fridge with a TV, check out Okinus today!

  2. Daily Use

    How many times do you use the fridge in a day? What about the washer and dryer? How about that wonderful little machine known as a dishwasher? Large appliances have become so ingrained in our daily lives. Not only do we use them multiple times a day, but they also make our lives easier. When we don’t have to spend hours cleaning dishes or washing clothes, we have more time to invest in our hobbies and more importantly, our families. Make your life easier by taking advantage of lease-purchase programs for your large appliances.

  3. Improve Energy Bills

    While large appliances have bells and whistles like TVs these days, they are also built to conserve less energy and water. When your appliances are energy efficient and consume just the required amount of water, your bills go down. Doesn’t that sound great? They even have fun features such as voice commands and Wi-fi. Technology really is amazing. Lease-purchase programs allow you to buy high-tech appliances and end up saving you money in the long run.

  4. Increase Home Value

    Whether you have plans to move in the future or not, making sure your home has cool and efficient appliances is a great way to increase your home’s value. Appliances can make or break the sale of a home. Just as you want the fridge with a TV in it, someone touring your home will want it too. When financing your appliances through the lease-purchase programs at Okinus, you can make your home dazzle.

  5. Rebuild Credit

    Perhaps one of the best things about lease-purchase programs is the opportunity for rebuilding your credit. Even if you have bad credit, there are options available. With regularly scheduled and affordable payments, you can cut back on some of that negative debt you may have accumulated. In the end, you’ve tackled your finances and have an awesome appliance to show for it. If you have little to no credit, lease to purchase programs are a great way to start off on the right track.


Lease-purchase options can help you afford the appliances you need today while helping you build or rebuild your credit for tomorrow. What are you waiting for?

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