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4 Tips For Buying A New Water Heater


Buying a new water heater is something most people hope to never have to do, yet it’s a part of homeownership, nonetheless. Don’t let this unexpected expense cause you unnecessary stress. Read on for four tips that can help make the process of buying a new water heater more straightforward.

Review As Many Options As Possible

There are many brands of water heaters available to purchase and many factors to consider when purchasing one. For example, you can purchase an Energy Star water heater that uses 10-50% less energy than a regular appliance. A good first step in figuring out how to buy a new water heater is to research the most popular brands and see what other people have to say about them. The least expensive option might not be the best option, but you won’t know without reading a few reviews. And don’t worry if you don’t have all the cash upfront to purchase a new water heater. Financing for appliances is readily available online.

Find Water Heater Financing

A new water heater is not an inexpensive appliance, and they are usually a completely unexpected expense. One day you’re taking a shower, then there’s no hot water, and there it is: the expense that could set you and your family back a few months. Water heater financing can make that expense manageable, though. Flexible lease-purchase programs, like those offered by Okinus, are the perfect solution to your water heater financing needs.

Figure Out Your Budget

Whether you are paying for a new water heater with cash or using a financing solution, you will want to set a budget for your new appliance. Financing for appliances will allow you to set a monthly budget with reasonable payments so you don’t have to use all your cash at once. You never know when you may need that cash for something else. Lease-purchase programs allow you to save that cash for any other unexpected expenses that pop up, and they often offer early payment options in case you decide you want to pay it off early and save some money.

Know How Much Water You Use

Unless you built your home and had a say in every single detail of its construction, it’s likely that you didn’t get to choose your water heater when you bought your home. Since you need to buy a new one now, a good practice is to figure out how much water you and your family use on a daily basis. You can figure this out by looking at your water bill and doing some easy math. Your water bill may even have some monthly averages on it, so look around or contact your water company for more information. Once you know how much water you use, it’s easier to understand some of the terminology associated with water heaters.

Buying a new water heater doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Follow these four simple tips and you can manage this process with ease: review as many brands and models as possible, find water heater financing that works for you, figure out your budget, and know how much water you use. All of these tips will make your water heater experience as relaxing as a hot shower!

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