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Who can Benefit by Partnering with Okinus Credit Solutions

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Are you a retailer looking for ways to grow your business? Then partnering with a reliable purchase solutions provider like Okinus Credit Solutions is something you should consider. Giving customers additional options to spread out their payments over time is a great way to win them over. Besides improving scalability and flexibility, partnering with Okinus will also help you leverage sales across multiple touchpoints. Business owners managing the following retail businesses can consider partnering with us:


Furniture and related fixtures are essential residential goods that are constantly in high demand. However, some of these products are high-priced, and not all customers can afford them without credit purchase options. By making purchase solutions available to prospective customers, you are potentially improving your chances of boosting your lead generation and conversion rates.

This allows your customers to split the cost into more manageable repayments. Additionally, the option to buy furniture on credit might even motivate customers to spend more on high-end furniture that would otherwise be unaffordable to them. Hence, it would be safe to say that credit solutions can help accelerate purchase decisions.

Appliances and Electronics Retailers

Appliances and electronic products are typically considered “large purchases.” Hence, the availability of credit purchase options will make these products more appealing to customers. Statistics show that over 76% of customers are more likely to make a retail purchase if they have access to credit purchase options at the point of sale.

For instance, if a customer is dealing with an air conditioner emergency and does not have the funds to buy a new one, they may try to manage the situation with temporary repairs. Conversely, if they have access to credit purchase options, they may just buy a new one.

With purchase solutions, even customers with bad credit can make the purchase. So regardless of whether your business model is in-store or online, it’s best to partner with purchase solutions providers like Okinus Credit Solutions to maximize both online and foot traffic.

Jewelry Store Owners

A jewelry purchase is a serious purchase decision. More importantly, jewelry items are considered more of a luxury product than a necessity. Customers who purchase jewelry usually do it after adequate consideration. Since jewelry pieces like wedding rings are of high value, the customer will likely put a lot of thought into the decision and explore different options before settling on one. This is the case for affordable jewelry as well. Offering purchase solution options will motivate customers to purchase jewelry. Additionally, offering customers the option to purchase jewelry on credit shows them you care.


Partnering with Okinus Credit Solutions will help you close more transactions, boost traffic, and enhance your lead generation and conversion rates. So if you are looking for a great purchase solutions provider to partner with, get in touch with us immediately. We can help you sell your products faster and improve your business flexibility. Call 800-472-1334 or click here for more information.

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