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Increase Sales and Traffic Right Now

Okinus helps retailers by offering key competitor solutions: closing more transactions for your business, raising leads and conversion volumes, and boosting traffic to your website or physical store! Get started today!

We help Retailers

Expand Your Online Business with Okinus

By including Okinus Credit Solutions on your online store, you can draw more customers and increase revenue for your company. By integrating Okinus on your website, you may attract and convert clients who might be looking for a means to finance their purchases while purchasing online.


Increase your company’s digital presence.

Offer Credit Solutions

Offer customers with bad credit easy, accessible lease-to-own finance.

More Revenue

Increase sales with your online store.

Fast, Flexible and Friendly

Integrate Okinus into the checkout process to give customers an easy way to apply for and pay using Okinus.


What to Expect

Utilize Okinus to close more Sales

With our simple yet efficient lease-purchase finance, you can improve sales while giving your clients more spending power.

  • Keep existing consumers’ loyalty while attracting new ones.
  • Get your money in as little as two business days, which is one of the quickest in the consumer lending sector!

Jewelry Store Owners

Electronic Store Owners

Appliance Store Owners

Tire Store Owners

Furniture Store Owners

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We are growing daily, fill out our inquiry form below!


Increase Revenue

Boost Your Conversions and Invoices

  • High approval rates and amounts are available at Okinus.
  • By granting up to $8,000, we provide consumers with more purchasing power.
  • Customers can obtain financing for additional purchases.
  • Turndown conversion program.

Increase Revenue

Increase Traffic to your Store

  • Okinus collaborates with you every day to increase store traffic and provide you an edge over your competitors.
  • In order to increase your revenue, Okinus fills the gap between you and your maximum sales potential.
  • You can Expand, Develop, Grow, and Empower with the aid of Okinus.

We help Retailers

Fast, Flexible, Friendly Consumer Leasing

When you work with Okinus, you can be sure that we are trustworthy, moral, and compliant.

Accredited by the BBB

A+ BBB Rating based on 4.7/5 customer reviews

4.7 Star Google Rating

Customer care is our highest priority, we diligently work to maintain our clients trust!

Environment of Care

Okinus is not your typical provider of credit solutions. We are efficient, adaptable, and amiable in whatever we do.

Our Support Staff Is Available to Assist You!



You can get information on customer applications funding reports, and more by accessing your Okinushub or calling (844) 450 0221.


Hands On Training

When new staff is hired or when new tools or items are released, Okinus’s Success Managers will visit the store and conduct hands-on training sessions.


Merchant Services

You can get information on customer applications, funding, reports, and more by calling one of our special Okinus partner phone numbers.

Contact Us Today for Help (844) 450-0221


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We’re here to assist you and respond to your inquiries. You can phone us at 844 450 0221 or complete the form.

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