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New Home? You May Want to Upgrade the Appliances

appliance financing

A new home is always exciting, more so if you have upgraded appliances. While it’s tempting to keep your out-of-date refrigerator, stovetop, or other appliances, these can decrease the overall attractiveness of your home.

On the other hand, stylish and modern appliances will make your home feel more upscale and desirable. Take, for instance, energy-efficient appliances. Those with energy star ratings use at least 10% and up to 50% less energy than standard appliances.

New Appliances Have Great Features

Not only are they money-savers, but most of them have trendy designs that give an updated look to your kitchen. Some are even made from finger-proof stainless steel, which makes for easier cleaning. They also come with many fancy amenities, such as fridges with water and ice dispensers or other convenient functions. Additionally, most appliances come in a range of colors that allow you to match the colors that are already in your kitchen. Overall, upgrading your new home with matching appliances that have modern, upscale designs and amenities is a great move.

Ideally, you want to do it all at once for maximum enjoyment of your space. But while it’s fun to pick and choose upgraded appliances for your new home, you might want to think about how to pay for it all. Here are some top options that will help you pay for your upgrades and extras:


They say cash is king, so if you can manage it, simply pay cash for your brand new appliances, and you’re good to go. However, keep in mind that a new home is typically expensive. There are many costs to factor in, whether that’s a down payment or things like window covers and landscaping redesign that need to be budgeted for.

So, while it’s more convenient to pay in cash, it’s not always possible, which is where appliance financing comes in.

Appliance Financing

Financing your appliance purchases allows you to realize your dream sooner rather than later. It’s also kinder on your budget since the cost of the appliances is spread over many months instead of having to pay a lump sum. In most cases, appliance financing comes with flexible terms that allow you to determine the size of your payments. This makes it possible to purchase quality appliances that you normally wouldn’t afford and which have a longer life span.

If you need to upgrade your new home with the latest appliances with all the bells and whistles and need some extra dollars, get in touch with us for all your appliance financing needs!

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