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3 Circumstance to Consider Jewelry Financing

jewelry financing

There are few moments in life where every tiny detail counts, and popping the question is one of them. You may need to plan meticulously for the right ambiance, mood, and time to get on one knee. Most importantly, you need to plan for buying an engagement ring. The brilliant stone can help create the right impression while acting as a timeless symbol for each other.

Most people get married in their late 20s. Prospective buyers searching for the right diamond stone often fall for the cliche “financing rules” regarding engagement rings, a common one being the “three months salary” rule. It may place a strain on individuals wishing to surprise their significant others, especially buyers with low credit scores.

Solutions to Jewelry Financing

The sticker price on your favorite stone may pause your excitement for a moment. However, there are various bad credit financing options available to make your ring affordable. Flexible lease purchase programs such as zero-down financing can allow you to make monthly payments towards purchasing the rubies you love.

Here are three circumstances that you should consider picking jewelry financing for your engagement ring.

1. You’ve Found a Great Deal on a Fine Piece of Jewelry

You may find a jewelry store with an amazing offer on loose diamonds, but you may not have enough funds to make a purchase. A flexible jewelry financing program may allow you to own the stone that you can convert to a striking engagement ring. Jewelry lease programs allow you to effectively budget your expenses, enabling you to make monthly payments for your purchase. You can take the knee with your preferred diamond stone set in hand without worrying about affording it.

2. You Want to Improve Your Credit Rating

Jewelry financing can add diversity to your credit profile, allowing you to rebuild your credit ratings. According to FICO, more than 43 million Americans have a bad credit rating. It may provide a challenge to lovers that wish to propose to their significant half with a decent ring. No credit needed financing is an excellent way to buy the diamond ring even with a bad credit score. The affordable monthly payment schedules allow you to build your credit history slowly.

3. You Wish to Invest in an Heirloom

Most buyers would love to invest in a quality stone that will remain within the family for centuries and generations to come. However, the authenticated gold or diamond ring from your favorite designers may attract a huge price tag. Jewelry financing allows you to afford the long-term investment in the form of a brilliant diamond setting that will serve as a family heirloom.

You may access different store engagement ring financing options. You may need to figure out the final price of the jewelry, the interest rates, the monthly repayments, and your down payment (if any). Read all the terms and conditions of the contract before signing the lease agreement.

When you envision the memories you will make with your significant other, the amount you spend on your engagement ring may seem like a tiny speck. Jewelry financing can make it easy to afford the right stone to crown the occasion. To access flexible financing options, reach out to Okinus Credit Solutions.

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