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Items You Can Buy Using Lease-Purchase Programs


It is possible to acquire household items, accessories, and appliances through bad credit financing. That means you don’t have to worry about your credit score or history. Lease-purchase programs also have timely approval for the process. It has become a convenient and time-saving option for many people looking to get these items in emergency situations.

You can get a wide range of household items, from jewelry to laptops. The main benefit of the program is time and convenience, which makes it particularly useful for getting equipment and furniture. Here is a list of items and why they are best suited for lease to own programs.

HVAC and Water Heaters

It is always advisable to upgrade your AC and water heaters to maintain energy efficiency and comfort. If your existing installation has issues, it can impact your utility bills and reduce your home’s level of comfort. A broken HVAC system could be noisy, taking a toll on your peace of mind. Depending on the condition of the installation, you also risk exposing your loved ones to toxic gases from pollution.

HVAC financing allows you to take advantage of the latest technological developments. You can improve your comfort with more efficient AC systems. They have a better design that can regulate heat and keep temperatures at a constant level. Older models use antiquated technology that cannot be quiet enough when running.

Also, higher efficiency systems have lower power requirements and, therefore, it results in lower fossil fuel gas emitted. Modern equipment has extended warranties that last up to 10 years. Ensure you check the terms of the warranty before buying through lease-purchase programs.

Laptop and Portable Appliances

Portable devices have become ubiquitous today. That is probably because more people are working remotely and need the devices to stay in touch. Furthermore, college campuses and workplaces are increasingly incorporating mobile apps to improve communication and engagement.

With laptop financing, you can get the equipment you need, as soon as you need it. Perhaps you want to buy a new machine to take advantage of the latest technology. Through flexible lease-purchase programs, you can pay in manageable installments over 24 months.

Engagement Ring

Most people want to settle down in their 20s. Unfortunately, it often happens to be the time when you also need to buy other household furnishings. It may be challenging to find something that suits you without having to break the bank.

Regardless of the type of ring you need, you can use engagement ring financing to get it on time. Lease-purchase programs often do not require your credit history or score. As soon as you are ready to ask the big question, you can approach a company like Okinus for jewelry financing.


You may also need to buy furniture when moving out of home or after getting a job in another town. Unfortunately, many young people haven’t had the time to build their credit score. In such situations, it can be a challenge to acquire furniture with other forms of traditional financing.

You can either buy in installments or take advantage of zero down furniture leasing. The leasing options let you hire furniture for the duration of time you’ll be staying in the house. That way, you only pay for what you use.


You can also get eyeglasses with lease-purchase programs. Eyeglasses can be costly, with designer frames going for as high as $500. Even if you are not looking for high-end glasses, a pair of prescription glasses will set you back $196 on average.

For the best prescription glasses, optical financing may be the only option. Replacing your prescription glasses is much easier and faster. The process will ensure you get your glasses shortly after you’re application has been approved.

In Conclusion

Lease-purchase programs have easy and transparent payment plans, in comparison to credit cards and other forms of traditional financing. The flexible payment options and fast approval times make it convenient for buying household goods and electronics. Okinus Credit Solutions provide the best in customer financing solutions.

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