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A Student’s Guide to Acquiring a Laptop through Appliance Financing


A laptop is an important piece of equipment for many students. It is particularly true today when a lot of communications and tasks are taking place in the digital space. However, students face many challenges when it comes to acquiring a suitable device.

If you intend to go for laptop financing, you need to take time to plan. After all, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you need before you proceed to take a loan. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure you get the most out of the appliance financing.

Choosing a Device

You first need to understand what kind of laptop you want before applying for appliance financing. Otherwise, you may find that you have to upgrade the device within a year or so. Poor planning can ruin your repayment schedule.

You should pay attention to those aspects of the laptop that are harder to upgrade. For example, you may settle for a laptop with an 11-inch display. But months later, you realize the device does not fit the requirements for that specific application. Unfortunately, the screen size is not something that you can upgrade with ease.

Hardware Considerations

For students looking to acquire a device through flexible lease-purchase programs, you should consider the following:

Screen Quality: Screen quality is particularly important for multimedia students who need to edit images and videos. It may also be a critical factor for computer-aided design applications, watching content, or for gaming. If you are going for the highest quality, you may want to avoid touch screens as they can make the screen glossy, thereby reducing visibility. Ideally, you should choose the HD resolution. Only choose the 4k resolution if it is necessary. Otherwise, it is an extra charge that could complicate your customer financing repayment plan.

CPU: You’ll probably want to go for the highest performing processor. But if you are relying on laptop financing, you need to strike a balance between cost and your needs. Also, high performing CPUs like i7s are prone to overheating. It is probably not the best idea if you plan to move around with it and use it on your laps. They are, otherwise, quite efficient for most formal applications.

Keyboard Comfort: For students, you’ll probably be typing a lot of notes and assignments on your laptop. You will need a keyboard with sufficient spacing around its keys. If you are planning to get a device with a touch-screen like Surface Pro, you should find out if the keyboard is sold separately.

Saving on Software

If you want a device for writing assignments, test papers, and general communications, you can save money for some of the basic software. Microsoft Office offers a suite for both students and teachers. As for touch screens and portable devices, there are free office applications you can find for free online.

Alternatively, you can opt for open source and free apps for those who need the software for basic tasks. WPS Office is a free and viable option, with an interface similar to the Microsoft Suite applications. The bottom line is that unless you need these programs for specific tasks, you can always find viable alternatives for free.

Warranty and Customer Service

If you are relying on laptop financing, you want to avoid a situation that will force you to get an upgrade or a new device. The warranty should at least be one year, but you can always check if the terms can accommodate an extension. Their customer service is another important factor. You will often want to have technical issues sorted out quickly. So, ensure that you check the company’s customer support options.


Before going for the different laptop financing options, it is wise to plan carefully to avoid disappointments. Take time to understand your needs and what technical specifications are the best for your specific application. As a student, you can get financial assistance through lease-purchase programs offered by Okinus. T

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