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HVAC Systems: Why You Should Consider Lease Purchasing


Home appliances and furniture are the things that turn a house into a home. They offer functionality, convenience, and, more importantly, comfort. Though appliances such as AC units and refrigerators were initially luxuries, they have now become necessities and a bare minimum requirement in American homes.

Unfortunately, your AC unit is susceptible to damage, which can cause it to malfunction. For most people, a malfunctioning HVAC system can spell the beginning of stressful times. This is because replacing such systems is expensive and can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000.

Depending on the condition of your unit, repairing it may also not be a viable option. This is because it may be more expensive to repair your unit in the long run than it is to buy a new one.

Fortunately, Okinus stores offer finance for HVAC through lease-purchase programs.

How Exactly Does Lease Purchasing Work?

Lease-purchase is a program that offers finance for HVAC and other home appliances to individuals who may otherwise not afford it or have bad credit to access other forms of finance.

These products allow people to access the things they need without having to pay lump-sum amounts. Once you identify an appliance that interests you, the lease provider will buy it from the retailer on your behalf.

From this point, you will make payments to the leaser as per the lease agreement. Once the lease period is over, and you have made the payments in full, ownership of the appliance is then transferred to you.

There are also early payment options that enable you to get discounts and assume ownership of the merchandise sooner.

How HVAC Financing Can Benefit You

Reduced Power Bills

Are you aware that heating and cooling your home accounts for 50% of your energy costs? Replacing your old unit with a modern energy-efficient system will help you cut on power costs. You can expect to use between 10% and 50% less energy with an Energy Star appliance than with a standard appliance.

Energy-efficient models come with programmable thermostats. This helps you automate and schedule heating and cooling for when you are most likely to be home. In addition, these systems manage cycles effectively as they are able to monitor temperature and only kick on when need be.

These features work in unison to ensure that the AC units are able to maintain the ideal room temperature and at the same time, reduce energy consumption.

Makes Your House More Appealing to Buyers

In addition to helping you to reduce your power bills, finance for HVAC can hasten the process of selling your property. A property’s value and its appeal to buyers depend on several factors, including the AC unit.

Real estate experts suggest that buyers expect the HVAC system to be fully functioning and well maintained before they make a purchase. If your AC unit is an old power guzzler, potential buyers may move on to other options with a more reliable and energy-efficient unit.

Environmental Impact

Weather patterns across the world have changed because of global warming. Though HVAC units are not among the main carbon emitters, they also contribute to the problem. This is because chances are your power company uses fuel – a carbon emitter- to generate the power you use. Thus, the more energy your AC uses, the more carbon released to the environment.

Okinus credit solutions offer affordable finance for energy-efficient HVAC systems. This allows people who cannot afford to make one-off payments for AC units to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on the environment.


Sometimes your HVAC system will break down without notice or even when you had anticipated it you might not be financially ready to replace it. Without an AC unit, the temperatures in the house can drop or rise to unbearable conditions during winter and summer months. Finance for HVAC not only allows you the comfort you deserve but also helps lower your lower utility bills.

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