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Why Lease-to-Own Jewelry is Best for You

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Have you considered purchasing that brand-new jewelry you’ve had your eye on? You undoubtedly deserve it! But such a purchase is a big deal. No matter if your intention is to create a distinctive fashion statement or a genuine high-end investment, it’s a costly affair that might
call for some contemplation. Like any investment, you won’t want to throw that much money away without doing your bit of research.

Although buying, giving, and wearing jewelry can be enjoyable, it is not always affordable. No matter how much you adore a piece of jewelry, spending over your means is never a wise decision. Thankfully, there are many options you can utilize to pay for that new piece of glitter.

Read on to learn about the choices you have based on your spending limit, budget, and financial flexibility and which one is the best for you.

Options Available to Pay for Your Jewelry

Using a Personal Credit Card

Credit card firms have (very) high-interest rates and are an apparently never-ending cycle that can make you feel less happy about wearing the jewelry you got with it.

The Jewelry Store’s Financing Program

The 0% financing that many of these stores provide could seem like a wise and alluring choice. But before you give in to temptation, thoroughly familiarise yourself with the terms and specifics and keep an eye out for catches.

Paying Upfront with Cash, a Check, or a Debit Card

This is just not a realistic scenario for most people. You might have the patience and discipline to save up the funds … but why do that when you have a better option available when you have the option to shop now and pay later.

Lease-to-Own Options

This method of buying is becoming more and more popular as opposed to traditional loans or credit cards and is the best way to purchase jewelry without going over your budget. Here are a few reasons why it is a great option.

Reasons Why Lease-to-Own Jewelry is Best for You

This process involves the consumer signing a contract and then being free to leave with the chosen jewelry the same day. Regular payments can be made for a predetermined period of time, following which you will own the jewelry after all payments have been made. It’s quite similar to jewelry finance, except instead of getting a loan to buy the jewelry, we own it until it is fully paid for.

  1. More manageable – When buying products like engagement rings and intricate or personalized jewelry, making smaller, more frequent payments is ideal because it is more manageable for many people on a tight budget.
  2. No compromise on quality – Without compromising on quality, you can buy jewelry that will last for many generations because of flexible payment options.
  3. Maintain liquid cash – Lease-to-own jewelry allows you to maintain extra cash on hand in case anything else, such as an opportunity or an emergency, may arise.
  4. Better gifting opportunities – Lease-to-own jewelry allows you additional opportunities to express your affection for someone by giving them a wonderful gift.
  5. Less stress about credit scores – Credit scores are not much of a deciding factor when purchasing lease-to-own jewelry, allowing more people to purchase the ornaments of their choice.

Okinus helps you take the non-traditional path of lease-to-own jewelry and purchase high-quality jewels at a reasonable price with lesser effort. You receive immediate access to your wishlist with no credit check financing. Apply for credit with Okinus right away to find out how to
get the customized jewelry you’ve been desiring at a lower price.

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