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Why Furniture Is So Expensive (And How to Make It More Affordable)


Furniture is a basic necessity. Even if you have only a few pieces, furnishings allow us to be comfortable and can make any house feel more like home. But furniture is actually the third most expensive item a person will buy during their lifetime, which means that a lot of pieces are inaccessible solely due to their price.

If you’ve looked at any online furniture stores or brick-and-mortar retail providers, you might have experienced a mild case of sticker shock. Sofas, area rugs, and tables can cost thousands of dollars apiece. Just sticking to the basics can set your budget back significantly. Unless you’re able to secure some hand-me-downs or find a real bargain at a second-hand sale, you might feel you have no other choice but to buy the least expensive options available — even if the quality is poor.

However, you don’t need to resign yourself to wasting money on low-quality furniture or taking on insurmountable debt just to furnish your home properly. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at why furniture tends to be so expensive and how you can make it more affordable with furniture financing options.

Why Is Furniture So Expensive?

There are a few reasons for costly furniture. One possible reason comes down to the materials that are used in the construction of these pieces. When higher-quality materials are used, these furnishings will literally be built to last — but they’ll also come with a higher price tag. These materials may be more difficult to source, might provide superior durability, or can be customized in a way that requires superior craftsmanship. With any of these possibilities, the overall cost will likely increase.

It’s not always just the quality of the material that makes a furniture piece more expensive. If a given retailer purchases a smaller quality of a given furniture item, they may be able to charge more for each one — particularly if it’s something they know a lot of customers will want. This follows the simple rule of supply and demand. The more desirable and scarce an item is, the higher the price will be. Keep in mind that more sustainably made furniture will also be more expensive, both due to the costs of sourcing the material and the demand for more eco-conscious options.

How Can Customer Financing Make Furniture More Affordable?

While there are many root causes that can drive up the price of furniture, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to budget several thousand dollars at once in order to furnish your home. You don’t need to stick to previously owned pieces, either; although this can save money, you might also have to sacrifice on quality and longevity, as well as factor in health or safety concerns.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to affordably furnish your home is to consider securing financing for furniture. Many retailers will offer zero down furniture leasing options, which means you won’t be required to make a down payment at the beginning of your lease. Rather than buy the furniture outright, you can retain the freedom to make payments on your furniture (just as you would on a car!). This ensures you don’t have to permanently commit to your choice while still allowing you access to higher-quality furniture than you might be able to purchase upfront. There are even rent to own furniture agreements that will permit you to make payments on your furnishings over time. Eventually, you’ll pay off these pieces and own them — but you can do so in a way that makes financial sense for you.

Contrary to popular belief, buying furniture can be made accessible to the masses with financing like zero down furniture leasing. Zero down furniture leasing and other financing options can provide viable solutions for those who can’t afford to pay thousands right away or who might not otherwise qualify for a credit card or loan. For more information on our zero down furniture leasing options, please contact Okinus today.

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