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Vetting Your Options: How to Find Solid Lease-Purchase Programs You Can Trust


About 1/3 of Americans currently have a credit score below 601.

If you’re among them, you likely feel anxious about how you can get approved for financing options like loans and credit cards to help you afford the things you need.

Lease-purchase programs are here to help.

Read on to understand what to look for in lease-purchase programs that truly have your best interests — and financial security — in mind.

1. A Convenient Application Process

You shouldn’t have to wait to get financing assistance with the products you need.

Ensure the program makes the application process fast and simple, and even offers instant approvals. Look for a program that offers a mobile app that allows you to apply from anywhere, at any time.

You’ll fill out a simple, “yes or no” questionnaire to see if you qualify — no complicated paperwork or time-consuming credit checks needed.

Additionally, a quality lease-purchase program will also allow you to pay your bill online, which makes it much easier to keep track of your monthly payments.

2. Insist on Excellent Customer Service

Whether you’re looking into lease-purchase equipment, jewelry, or anything else, you deserve superior customer service and support.

To make sure you get it, read online reviews of the lease-purchase company, and even ask to speak with past references. A quality company will have representatives available seven days a week.

These representatives should be able to help you understand your contract, assist with bill pay, and answer any other questions you may have.

3. Understand What They Finance

When researching lease-purchase programs, understand the kinds of purchases they finance. Many people mistakenly think that lease-purchase companies only help with financing larger purchases, like a car or a home.

However, there are tons of leasing products available to you, including furniture, optical, equipment, electronics, and appliances. You can even use the programs to help you pay for an engagement ring.

Ensure the lender you want to work offers exactly what you need — and prepare to be surprised by the diversity of products.

4. Carefully Study the Contract

You should carefully study up on the specifics of your contract before you make any final decisions.

Understand how your monthly payment is calculated, know the life of the loan and any fees or potential penalty payments, whether or not a down payment is required, and more.

A reputable program will gladly explain everything in your contract to you.

5. Research the Requirements

Many people opt to work with lease-purchase programs because they help those with poor credit get approved for financing.

Still, make sure you understand the qualifications you need to meet.

Depending on what you need to be financed, you’ll need to own a home and prove it’s your place of residence, show a record of employment of at least six months, have a certain monthly household income and show an active checking account with a positive balance.

Apply for Our Lease-Purchase Programs Today

Our lease-purchase programs offer instant approval for loans of up to $5,000, and our representatives are available seven days a week to walk you through the process.

Don’t let your current financial situation stand in the way of your comfort, dignity, and future.

Whether you need financing help for optical services, jewelry, furniture, appliances, and more, apply online to make your dreams a reality.

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