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The Real Value of Rent To Own Furniture


Rent to own furniture can be a great way to furnish your whole home. Moreover, zero down furniture leasing is the perfect option for anyone that wants easy terms with affordable payments.

A lease option is ideal for when you do not want to have to deal with credit score hassles. Good credit, bad credit, and even no credit — everyone can get new furniture with the right lease to own programs.

Your Credit Score is Just a Number

Less than 1% of the American population can brag about having a perfect credit score. A credit score that ranks as bad or poor can exclude you from being eligible for a lot of furniture financing programs through traditional lenders.

More and more Americans are finding that rent to own furniture options are the best solution when they are trying to rebuild credit or when their credit score is considered undesirable. The beauty of these no-credit-needed financing options is that your credit score is not even part of the equation.

Lease-purchase programs ensure that you can have the products you need right now without having to wait to bring your credit score up. A few credit mistakes should not keep you from getting the furniture and other goods that you deserve.

How Does Rent to Own Furniture Work?

These flexible programs are designed to help you get the goods you need with any type of credit. Because you are technically leasing the furniture, you can decide at any time not to renew the contract and return the items. Of course, most people stay the course and wind up paying the items off — which allows you to eventually own them outright.

Zero down bad credit rent to own furniture comes with easy payment terms and, in many cases, a 90-day “same as cash option.” In this scenario, you can pay off the furniture in 90 days without penalty or interest. This is a great option for:

  • People with bad credit
  • Temporary living situations
  • Anyone who wants a great price and flexible terms

You don’t have to let bad credit keep you from getting the things you want. Rent to own furniture options makes sure you get what you need for your home to live comfortably. Learn more about this option by contacting us today.

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