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Proven Ways to Rebuild Credit

rebuilding credit

Rebuilding credit is essential. Sometimes as much as you can try, it can be very difficult to maintain an 850 credit score. According to FICO, not more than 1% of the population can boast about having a good credit score. Here’s how you can go about rebuilding credit.

Pay on time

One of the best ways to rebuild your credit score is to pay bills and existing lines of credit on time. If you can only manage the minimum, you must pay that. If you notice in advance that you might not be able to meet the minimum, it is important to contact your credit provider and tell them in advance. One of the greatest contributors to your credit score is your payment history. Therefore, if you want to rebuild your credit, you cannot afford to have a credit provider report your payment as being late. Once payment is reported as being late, it will stay on your credit report for around seven years.

Try to Keep Most of Your Credit Limit Available.

You must avoid using up all of your credit limits. The amount of credit you use has an impact on your credit score. It is advisable to avoid going higher than 30% of your credit limit. To stay updated about your credit limits, you must check the credit utilization for your cards. Focus on the cards with the highest credit limit scores and try to bring those ones down.

Get a Credit-Builder Loan

A credit-builder loan serves only a single purpose, that is, to build your credit. These loans are designed to improve your credit and they are one of the most common ways of rebuilding credit. There are several ways to get a credit-builder loan. You can approach a credit union or community bank. However, for them to approve you, you need to be either a customer or a member of the credit union or bank. Apart from that, you will also need to prove that you earn an income and that you are able to pay back the loan.

These are some of the proven methods you can use when rebuilding credit. You must be very careful not to do things that will make your credit score worse. Rebuilding credit is a long process, and you will need to be patient.

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