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Online Furniture Financing: Safety Tips You Need To Know


Roughly 35.5 million U.S. citizens move every year. Moving to a new home is a wonderful experience, but can also come with a number of challenges. Top on the list is usually the need to buy new equipment and furniture. In today’s harsh economy, purchasing new furniture can easily consume your hard-earned cash. But the good news is that furniture financing can help, even in cases of bad credit standing.

Okinus credit solutions, for example, will come in handy should you need financing for furniture. Such companies offer lease to own programs that come with services such as rent to own furniture.

Thanks to the internet, we now have online furniture financing companies. Purchasing furniture online makes the shopping process easy as you won’t have to visit all the furniture shops in town. Browsing different websites is all you need to do. Even so, you should exercise caution before settling for any online seller offering bad credit furniture financing. Here are tips to help you:

Secure Websites Are The Best

The online world is awash with people with sinister intentions. Browsing unsecured websites means sensitive financial information likely falling in the wrong hands. The use of online furniture financing might require inputting data such as credit card numbers. The shopping experience might leave a bitter taste in your mouth should such information fall in the wrong hands.

A secure furniture website prevents dangers such as identity theft. It should also offer conveniences such as a furniture financing calculator and secure payment platforms. A webpage that has a lock icon on it is most likely trustworthy. Clicking the icon displays information regarding the website’s security. The webpage should also have the seller’s contact information such as their office location, email address, and phone number.

Check out Reviews

Most furniture financing companies allow their clients to post reviews online. Reviews serve as references to help you know if a given furniture shop is the best for you. Many negative reviews should raise eyebrows. Such obvious red flags indicate issues such as bad furniture construction. A product search will help you look at aspects such as star ratings to help you know a seller’s level of service. Some customer protection websites will even help you know if a seller has alarming shipping issues and client complaints.

Numerous Selections

Moving to a new house means that you will most likely need other items such as kitchenware and appliances. An online furniture vendor selling additional household items will be a one-stop shop that helps save time. Also, there should be different varieties of furniture to allow you to choose the best for your new house. To help you achieve this, the website should have furniture pictures and detailed product descriptions. Look at the furniture pictures from various angles as this will give you an idea of how the furniture will look at home. The product description should have details touching on durability, assembly, and the furniture’s cleaning instruction.

Delivery, Return, and Refund Policies

There are times when people shop online only to realize the delivered item is not exactly what they ordered. This will likely make you disappointed as you might not know what to do. The website should have clear guidelines regarding delivery and return policies. It is along the same lines that you should figure out whether the seller offers free return shipping. Refrain from making a purchase without understanding the company’s return and shipping policies.

The furniture that you intend to buy needs to be of the right size. Always consider the available space in your home before making payments. Having a clear plan of how to fit the furniture in your house is also advised. In order to achieve this, you will need to know furniture measurements, which should be on the website. If you can’t see the measurement information, contact the seller regarding the same.


Furniture financing price will differ from one company to the other. Tax charges and shipping costs are some of the key areas to keep an eye on. Some websites will also have hidden charges that you might not know of. Should you notice such red flags, it would be in your best interest to shop elsewhere.

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