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Low-Income and Bad Credit; Lease-Purchase Gets You There

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The pain of spotting your dream couch in a store when you have no way to afford it can haunt you for long. What’s more, your credit rating could not be that appealing, meaning that your financing options are limited.

Luckily, the good news is, even with a bad credit rating and possibly low-income, you can still get that couch using a favorable customer financing option. Lease-purchase programs, one of the most sought-after customer financing options, lets you acquire your dream furniture, electronics, jewelry, appliances, and more. The best part is that you can finance it via set cash installments, enabling you to keep more money in your pocket.

If you haven’t used it before, lease-purchase programs let you finance your purchases without credit checks or overwhelming upfront payments. As such, the lease to own programs you can choose from provide a platform to effortlessly purchase valuable items you could otherwise be unable to afford comfortably.

While it could be argued that lease to purchase furniture financing could be costly, it offers considerable benefits. Among the primary benefits include:

A better financial planning tool

Self-discipline is among the most significant concerns that could drive you away from getting that cozy couch you wished to buy. After all, saving takes time and self-discipline. Also, it is natural to hit some financial snags along the way. It’s not uncommon for a busy young professional or parent to witness their savings consumed by other needs.

Flexible lease-purchase programs act as a financial planning tool. Once you make the smaller upfront payment, you commit to the weekly installments. Since they don’t suck most of your cash from your account, you can comfortably finance the installments, ensuring that the financing for furniture efforts are controlled and easily manageable.

It can boost your credit score

Acquiring a loan to finance your furniture purchases can easily damage your credit score. Instead of relying on big banks with high interest rates, lease-purchase programs are a great way to manage monthly payments in small installments that you can afford. When you make payments on time, your credit score is bound to flourish as a result.

It might take some time, but this is a great way to boost your credit score, particularly among low-income households. Get the items you need at a cost you can afford with Okinus.

Better deals

Once you choose a reputable customer financing solution such as Okinus, you stand to get better deals. As you continue to make timely payments, you qualify for higher lease-purchase limits, allowing you to make more worthy purchases.

Purchasing brand name-products can prove to be costly. Moreover, with huge upfront cash payments or taking out credit, your financial performance can be adversely affected.

Such purchases are, however, worthy acquisitions. For instance, if you are considering furniture, a good couch could offer an average lifespan of between seven and 15 years.

Don’t let the hiccups hinder your quest; with lease-purchase from reputable providers such as Okinus providers, you can comfortably finance your furniture purchases and get that dream couch you have always wanted to own.

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