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Learning to Love Leasing: The Best Candidates for Lease Purchasing Furniture


Ever wonder if rent to own furniture was right for you? Buying new furniture is not for everyone, but many people do it anyway since it is the most obvious choice. However, lease to own programs are a good alternative that you should take advantage of. After all, you don’t want to make a big investment before evaluating your options. Here is a list of the best candidates for lease purchasing furniture.

The Nomad:

If you’re the type of person who loves to move from place to place, then you don’t want to lug heavy furniture around with you. Not only is it inconvenient, but it is also expensive. Hiring help to transport all your items is pricey, especially if you’re going from city to city and not just down the block. Rent to own furniture allows you to not fully commit to items.

If you are constantly moving, you also don’t have much time to plan. Without a long time span, it’s hard to come up with enough money for big-ticket items. Zero down furniture leasing lets you get furniture fast without having to save up.

The Student:

When you’re away at college, every year is a new experience. Moving from dorms to apartments to houses can be stressful. Dorms and select apartments might be furnished, but houses are not. You don’t want to be pushing around furniture that you may or may not need for the next year. Not only are you worried about where to live, you also have to decide whoto live with. Depending on how many roommates you have, you could have five different sets of furniture for one house. It is better to lease when the year starts since you might not know what you need until the last minute.

Saving money can be hard. It’s difficult to decide what to invest your money in. Furniture might not be at the top of your financial to-do list on top of your other responsibilities. If your debt is adding up, your credit score is going down. With no credit needed financing, your credit doesn’t affect your ability to lease. The smaller payments will also assist you in rebuilding credit.

The Indecisive:

Do you get bored easily or change your mind often? You won’t want to put a big chunk of money into an item that you might not like in a month or so. Flexible lease-purchase programs allow you to switch out your furniture and say goodbye to buyer’s remorse.

The Trend Setter:

A couch often lasts as long as seven to 15 years. Trends can come and go a lot quicker than that. If you like to frequently update your style, you will also want to update the furniture and décor that you see every day. Rent to own furniture will let you change up your atmosphere at home quickly and frequently.

If any of these topics resonate with you, you are the perfect match for rent to own furniture. Leasing furniture instead of buying it can lead to less hassle, debt, and commitment. Whether you are traveling, attending college, paying off debt, can’t make up your mind, or want to stay up to date in style, contact Okinus today.

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