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How Lease To Own Furniture Financing Can Benefit You


New furniture or a state-of-the-art HVAC unit are great ways to spruce up a home, but affording either can be difficult. Many people pay for new furniture or HVAC systems using a credit card or loan, but lease to own programs may be better for many people.

Many stores offer no credit needed financing through lease to own programs. These options allow customers to pay for furniture or HVAC units over time through flexible payments while using the items they are buying.

What Are Lease To Own Programs?

Consumers are typically familiar with lease-purchase programs because so many consumer items are available through them. Retailers commonly offer flexible lease-purchase programs for appliance financing, including plans to finance AC units and water heater financing. However, some customers may not know about the many options for atypical purchases like jewelry financing and engagement ring financing. Electronics, like laptop financing, are also loved by customers in lease-purchase programs. This same model can be a great way of financing for furniture or a new HVAC unit.

Payments Are Flexible

Purchasing through lease to own programs gives the customer greater flexibility than many alternative customer financing options. First, customers work with the store’s furniture financing calculator to decide on several payment installments and amount per payment.

However, if something unexpected happens, lease-purchase programs are flexible. Customers can pay less one month and more the next. In this way, the payment plan work with customers’ unique financial situations.

Lease-purchase programs also allow early payment options, unlike other financing agreements that lock customers into a set number of payments. Further, if customers change their minds about products during lease to own programs, they can return the furniture and choose something more appropriate. Lease to own furniture agreements are adored by the consumer since it puts the finance options under their control.

Credit History Is Less Important When Leasing

Stores offering ease to own programs for furniture work with customers regardless of their credit score. While many of these stores do not require credit checks, they do offer bad credit financing for those rebuilding credit.

Similarly, there are no credit needed financing options and zero down furniture leasing for those just starting out. Up to 56% of college students use credit cards to cover necessary purchases they cannot afford, but for many a zero down furniture leasing agreement may be wiser.

Importantly, flexible lease-purchase programs do not damage the customer’s credit score the way that other furniture financing plans can.

Protects Your Purchase

Lease-purchase furniture stores protect the customer’s investment by offering repairs or replacement for pieces that become damaged during the lease agreement. HVAC financing through lease to own programs enable customers to purchase a brand new HVAC appliance, have the appliance right away, and make small monthly payments. If the HVAC system fails during that time, the store offering financing for it will make the situation right for the customer.

Furniture financing works the same way. Lease to own stores repair tears to fabric or damage to frames so, at the end of customers’ lease-purchase programs, they have furniture that still looks new.

When You’re Ready to Try Flexible Lease-Purchase Programs

Okinus credit solutions provide flexible lease-purchase programs for quality furniture brands and more. If you’re interested in bad credit financing, zero down furniture leasing or flexible lease-purchase programs, contact Okinus furniture dealers to find out what our lease to purchase programs can do for you.

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