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How Can I Make Decorating a New Apartment More Affordable?

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Over 157 million consumers have credit card debt. This makes it hard to get a loan to decorate your apartment with essential products. Okinus approves loans up to $6,000 for consumers who have credit problems so you can get the financing for furniture you need.

Loans for Furniture and Electronics

Perhaps you need a new living room set and your credit is bad. You can apply for a loan with Okinus. We have a 90-day early credit option, up to 24-month term option, zero down lease option, and a bi-weekly and semi-monthly payment option. You do not need any personal references and can borrow up to $6,000. All plans include Okinus Care Plus.

Okinus Care Plus will give you discounts on dining out, online shopping for clothing and household goods, car repair, and travel. You can buy what you need to decorate your home or apartment with peace of mind. It provides financing for furniture, too. Whether you need a new living room set, bedroom set, kitchen table, or computer desk, we can help you with our lease-purchase program.

This lease purchase loan option also applies to jewelry, optical financing, HVAC systems, and water heaters. It provides you with the option to decorate your apartment or condo and stay within your budget. It’s a good way to get what you need to make daily living easier.

Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Art in the living room or dining room adds atmosphere and, with the Okinus Care Plus plan, you can purchase prints and decorative objects for your walls at affordable prices. If you’re cramped for space, add some shelves or a small bookcase to store books or decorative collectibles. A new mirror will bring light into your living room or family room. Try removable wallpaper to improve the room interior. Spruce up old furniture by refinishing or painting it. Purchase shelves, cabinets, storage trunks to make rooms look larger and relieve the clutter.

Contact Us to Learn About Our Loans

It can be tricky to figure out financing for furniture and other large purchases when you’re on a budget. Fortunately, Okinus can help. Contact us today to learn more about our loan programs to help you afford the furniture and other decor you need to settle in to your new home.

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