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How Can I Make Buying an Engagement Ring More Feasible?


An engagement ring is a symbol of your love that your spouse will wear for the rest of their life. Because of the significance of an engagement ring, it’s important that you don’t settle for less than you want. However, engagement rings can easily become an expensive investment and not everyone can afford to outright buy a ring for thousands of dollars. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise with engagement ring financing options.

Financing Your Engagement Ring

When looking for the perfect engagement ring there are a lot of factors to consider. The cut, the color, and the size, for instance. However, finding the perfect ring can easily be foiled once you look at the price tag. Financing takes away this problem by giving you options to create payment plans that stretch out payments to manageable amounts. This can allow you to focus your finances elsewhere, such as the wedding preparations, without worrying about coming up short due to the cost of the ring.

Additionally, while the average American has a FICO score of around 700, not everyone is as lucky, especially young adults just coming out of college. The good news is that financing is available to those with little to no credit and it can actually help build your credit as you make on-time payments. This can even help set you up for more success in your marriage, as your credit scores can affect your ability to get a home in the future. By taking these steps now, you can have a greater chance of improving your score, while also getting the engagement ring that you want.

Flexible Payment Options

Financing can also present you with more flexible payment opportunities such as a 90-day early pay option that can result in a discounted price if you pay off the amount within this time frame. Similarly, payment contracts can often go up to 24 months, meaning you can spread out your payments to be more affordable. Spreading out these payments can further improve your credit score, while also allowing you to be able to budget more wisely.

Don’t Settle For Less

When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring for your spouse, don’t settle for less than they deserve. Consider how engagement ring financing can benefit you, both in the long term and by helping you get the ring that you want today.

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