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Discover Purchase Solutions for Wedding Jewelry

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Many couples plan to tie the knot during the warm summer months but often lack the substantial credit history to buy what they desire. This summer, discover several purchase solutions that can help cover the cost of your wedding jewelry.

How to Find Affordable Purchase Options for Wedding Jewelry

Spouses-to-be often longs for a beautiful engagement ring and more delicate wedding bands. This can be a problem when the couple’s credit is not at the level usually required for payment options. Fortunately, there are always ways to find affordable purchase options for wedding day jewelry if you just know where to look.

Take Advantage of Jewelry Layaway Plans

Many jewelry stores now offer layaway plans for purchasing jewelry pieces and sets. Some stores do not charge interest or may only require a small fee for this financial service. It is essential to make your payments on time to avoid having your layaway items canceled.

Use a Credit Card

A credit card can be a good option for purchasing your wedding jewelry, but you want to avoid using a high-interest credit card to make your purchase. Ideally, you could use a card with 0% interest, which is usually offered during the introductory period for about 15 to 21 months. However, this may not be an option for those with poor credit or no credit.

Get a Personal Loan

When shopping for a loan, it’s crucial to find one with a low-interest rate. If possible, you want to find a loan with an interest rate that is lower than the average credit card interest—around 16%. You want a loan with a short repayment period to save more money. Another possible method is to get a small personal loan to cover these expenses before the big day.

What Happens If Your Credit Is Bad?

Many lenders, including Okinus Credit Solutions in Pelham, Georgia, now offer a line of credit even if your credit history is poor or you don’t have a credit history. This can often be the case with younger couples who have not yet had many opportunities to build their credit.

Flexible Lease-Purchase Options Are Available

There are significant advantages to utilizing flexible lease-purchase options to buy your dream wedding jewelry. With Okinus, you can access instant approvals of up to $6,000, and no credit is needed. You also don’t have to worry about rejections. This is an excellent option for not just jewelry but also for purchasing furniture, home appliances, and electronics.


Get Jewelry Purchase Solutions Today

Poor or no credit history should not stop you from getting the perfect wedding day jewelry in time for a summer wedding. Learn more about our jewelry purchase options by getting in touch with Okinus Credit Solutions today at 844-450-0221.

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