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Customer Financing: More Than Just A Convenient Way To Buy What You Need

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Did you know that the average college student has three credit cards? With the rising cost of tuition and other college expenses, it can be difficult to afford the things you need without going into debt, even after graduation. If you have been looking for a more convenient method of buying what you need, check out these quick facts about customer financing.

What Is Customer Financing

This zero down leasing program is designed to help the buyer by giving them an alternative to paying for products. This method involves the buyer and seller signing a payment agreement, or lease, that dictates the amount of time the buyer will have to pay for the product. You will have the option of paying monthly or weekly. Either way, you can take the product home without putting any money down. If you miss too many payments, however, the seller can take the product back as you technically don’t own the product until you make your final payment. There are also early purchase options if you decide you want to make the rest of your payments upfront. Your specific buy out options will be listed in your lease agreement.

No Credit Report Needed

You do not need to submit a credit report to enter into a lease to own agreement. This means that a bad credit score won’t hold you back. In fact, making on-time payments in this financing program can actually help you build a better credit rating.

What Are The Benefits Of Customer Financing?

The biggest benefit to the buyer is that the leasing period can also act as a trial run. Per the lease agreement, the buyer reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time if they no longer want the product. However, if you terminate the contract will you need to return the product and you will not receive any money back.

Where Are Lease To Own Retailers Located?

With over 722 retail locations to choose from, financing your next purchase is only a click away. Check out this map to see a complete list of all your location options.

What Other Types Of Financing Are There?

There are many types of consumer financing options Okinus offers, including:

    • Optical financing
    • Jewelry financing
  • Laptop financing
  • Furniture financing
  • Water heater financing
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) financing

With the opportunity to finance so many different types of expenses, almost everyone can benefit from a lease to own program. Contact Okinus today to learn more about how customer financing can benefit you.

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