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Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Household Bills This Summer


Now that summer’s here, you might be bracing yourself for an increase in your water and electric bills. Now that your family is home for most of the day and you’ll likely be doing what you can do stay cool, it’s no wonder that your expenditures are poised to go up.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re able to offset your energy and water use this summer by making small changes to your routine, you’ll be able to stretch your budget without sacrificing your overall comfort. Here are just a few ideas to try.

  • Take Shorter Showers and Turn Off the Tap: A cool shower can be a good way to beat the heat — and it’ll certainly take a bit less energy than a hot shower, which requires help from your home’s water heater. However, luxurious showers will definitely add to your monthly water bills. As a rule, try keeping showers as short as possible this summer. That will ensure no one wastes water. To that end, remind everyone to turn off the faucet when they’re brushing their teeth, washing their face, or scrubbing the dishes. It’s amazing how much extra water goes down the drain when we allow the tap to run!
  • Replace Your Older Appliances: Older appliances are bound to be less energy efficient by design. And if they’re nearing the end of their life, they’re going to have to work harder than necessary to achieve optimal results. That means your electricity bills will probably continue to rise. But if you’re able to replace your appliances with new models, you stand to save a lot. Since Energy Star appliances use between 10% and 50% less energy than standard appliances, it literally pays to upgrade. Fortunately, many lease to own programs will offer appliance financing to make replacement even more feasible. Obtaining financing for appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, and other household items can allow you to rebuild credit and access newer models without breaking the bank.
  • Always Run Full Wash Loads: You might have gotten into the habit of running the dishwasher or doing a load of laundry on certain days of the week as part of your regular routine. But it’s more important to run these appliances with a full load, as that will waste much less water and energy. If other members of the household are accustomed to having clothes laundered on-demand, you might need to talk about adjusting expectations and planning ahead for certain needs. You might also explore certain settings on these appliances for higher efficiency. Of course, if you need a high efficiency model, you should look into lease-purchase programs in your area to replace your current appliances. Doing a load of wash or dishes at night can also be beneficial for cost savings.

Whether you need to finance AC units to stay cool this summer or you’re simply looking to keep costs down with your appliance choices, we’re here to help. When seeking financing for appliances, contact Okinus today for all of your needs.

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