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Can I Finance My Furniture?


We all need furniture. You can’t exactly sit around in an empty house. But though you may need furniture, that doesn’t mean that you have the money for the furniture that you want right now.


When you look into furniture, you will likely realize rather quickly that as with many things, quality does matter. Poor quality furniture may be cheaper in the short term, but it will cost you in the long run, falling apart quickly and needing to be replaced within a brief amount of time. And although you could go thrifting for used furniture that is of better quality, there are drawbacks to that approach as well. Firstly, there is no guarantee that you will find all of the furniture that you need. And even if you do, it’s probably going to be a mismatched mess, varying in style and in quality. Used furniture can be in dubious condition, as well, and at a time when health is a top concern, some might not be too keen on bringing in someone else’s discarded furniture into their home. With the average couch last anywhere from seven to 15 years, your used couch could have already lived out its best years with someone else before you get it.


But if you can’t afford new, high-quality furniture outright, the situation may feel hopeless. However, you do have options. Let’s look into what some of them might be below.


What About Financing Furniture?

Many people choose to finance furniture, though you may never have considered this option before. Customer financing allows you to pay for your furniture in installments, which is one of the only ways that many of us can pay for high-quality furniture. Usually, this will involve applying for financing before you buy your furniture. There will often be a furniture financing calculator that will weigh a number of different factors, including the furniture’s value, your credit history, your current income, and much more. After the furniture financing calculator has factored in these considerations, you will be provided with terms and formal approval. If these terms are to your liking, you can choose to accept them at that point.


With this option, people often pay off their furniture over the course of several years. As such, they are able to own high-quality furniture that will last them for the long term, without breaking the bank upfront.


You may already be worried about the idea of having your credit history checked by the furniture financing calculator, but have no fear: bad credit does not necessarily mean that you will be denied or receive bad terms.


There are actually plenty of options available in terms of bad credit financing within the furniture industry. Many people do have bad credit, and yet, they are still allowed to finance furniture for an agreeable price. This may affect your payment terms, but you could also potentially offset your credit by applying with a co-signer, like a partner or relative. If you have no credit history at all due to your age and inexperience, no credit financing is another thing that you can consider. Ultimately, there is much that you can do in terms of financing in order to ensure that you get the best deal possible for your furniture. However, outright financing is not the only option available for those who want high-quality furniture.


What Is Leasing To Own?

Furniture lease-purchase programs are essentially variations on furniture financing. You’ll still be making payments, but in the sense that you are leasing a piece of furniture with the intention to own it in the future. If you are not approved for a more traditional financing option through a furniture financing calculator at one store, another store may be able to offer you lease to own. In this case, you would actually have the ability to exercise early payment options in order to buy the product outright before the payments are done, provided that you decide that this is the best option for you.


Clearly, you don’t have to go shopping for low-quality furniture just because you can’t afford furniture outright or simply because your credit seems poor. There are options available for everyone and you can own the furniture of your dreams.

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