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Buying Good Furniture with Bad Credit: Is It Possible?


So you’ve moved into a new home, and unfortunately, it’s not as furnished as you would like it to be. Most of us have dealt with this, and it’s never particularly pleasant. You could be moving into the very first space that you’ve lived in alone, forcing you to buy all of your own furniture for the first time. Perhaps you’re moving out of a roommate-filled living situation, or maybe you’re going through a breakup. Either way, it’s time for you to buy furniture, and you’re in a bit of a bind.

The fact is that furniture can be a bit costly. Yes, there is cheap furniture that you can buy, but for reasons that we’ll explore below, that’s not always a great option. Most of us can’t simply afford furniture with the money that we have in our bank accounts immediately, which is why it’s important that we explore other options. For example, you may want to consider financing for furniture. You might be surprised by what you’re able to buy.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy Cheap Furniture Online?

There are outlets that offer cheap furniture online, but you’ll quickly discover in most cases that it’s not built to last. When furniture that would normally be sold for hundreds of dollars is being offered for less than $50, there is usually something amiss. This could be related to the quality of the material, or it could be related to the manner in which the furniture is constructed.

Either way, the chances are that you will either end up with furniture that will fall apart fairly quickly, or you make an order that never comes. Furthermore, it can be difficult to evaluate the true appearance and quality of furniture bought online. It’s hard to assess the real dimensions of furniture when you buy it online. This is why it’s generally advised that people buy furniture in person, or at least see model furniture in person before buying it. Many financing for furniture options allow people to buy pieces in stores.

Should I Buy Used Furniture?

There are a lot of reasons why people buy used furniture. They usually do so in order to save money and are under the mistaken impression that used furniture functions similarly to new furniture. The issue is that it can sometimes be difficult to source used furniture when you buy it from an antique store or a used furniture store, even if you trust the store itself. They may not know much about the source of the furniture themselves.

You can’t be sure about the cleanliness of the furniture that you’re buying when you buy it used, as well as its true condition. While if you buy furniture new, you’ll be able to enjoy it throughout its lifetime. People often only buy used furniture simply because they can’t afford new furniture and haven’t explored finance options. That speaks to the issues surrounding new furniture. But if that’s the case, why haven’t you looked into financing for furniture already? You may be worried about whether or not it’s an option at all.

What If My Credit Is Bad?

Financing for furniture, as with any type of financing, is essentially the process of breaking up the payment for your purchase over time. Rather than paying for your furniture all at once, you’ll be able to pay for it in installments through furniture financing. But the question that many people have is whether or not they’ll be able to choose this option if they have had credit.

Keep in mind that many people throughout the country have questionable or poor credit. Under 1% of the general population has a perfect credit score of 850, yet people are still able to take advantage of customer financing options, not only for furniture but for appliances, electronics, and jewelry as well!

Think long and hard about exploring bad credit financing options before you commit to buying bad furniture. Not only could this allow you to buy the furniture you really want; it could also help you rebuild your credit over time. The benefits are manifold.

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