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Buying Furniture Doesn’t Have to Be Hard — Use a Financing Calculator


Nearly 3.5 million people in the United States move every year. They have to pack all of their belongings and start getting quotes for moving heavy, bulky furniture that may even be out of shape and out of date and not even antiques. Why take all of that old, ugly furniture with you when you’re about to make a fresh start? Once you realize that you can utilize a furniture financing calculator to define the amount it will cost you to buy furniture, you’ll be finalizing your choices on size, style, and color, fast.

Get Furniture Financing

Beds, couches, and tables oh my! The cost of buying furniture can add up fast, especially if you aren’t using a furniture financing calculator. Most people don’t have the extra money in savings to just buy all new furnishings. Sure, it still costs less than hiring movers, but you still need help. Utilize lease-purchase programs that give you the ability to get the furniture you want now with customer financing. Get started by using a furniture financing calculator to decide the total costs for all of the furniture you would like to purchase. You also get the added benefit of shopping from major brands that produce high-quality furnishings for homes.

Know Your Finance Options

Lease to own programs are fast at Okinus. Enjoy this leasing option that allows you to make weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payments depending on your wants and needs. You can estimate lease payments by providing a budget when using a furniture financing calculator. This will give you a realistic furniture budget so you select pieces of furniture that look perfect in your home without breaking the bank.

Approval is fast and you do not need to have perfect credit. If you have bad credit or no credit, you can still apply using a lease-purchase program. Just make your payments on time and ask about early payment options. Either way, you will be establishing better credit by using a lease to own program. A furniture financing calculator is easy to use and will help you get started. Okinus furniture dealers are always ready to assist you too, so don’t hesitate to use their services and speak with friendly associates today.

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