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Training is an important part of the support that Okinus provides to our Contractor Network. We are always available to get new partners up to speed, provide a crash course for new locations or simply deliver a refresher on how to use the Portal. Text HVAC to 484848 for more info or call 855.633.0783.

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At Okinus, our goal is to provide families with easy access to fast, flexible options to lease-purchase high-quality merchandise at an affordable price while rebuilding credit. Are you currently in the market for new living room furniture? We can help. Or did your HVAC unit finally give out during the summer months? We can help. The good news is you finally have instant access to bring home what you want when you need it – with no credit needed financing.

No contractor fees - cost YOU nothing!

Get your customers approved quickly

Contractor gets funded in two business days

Customer payments reported to credit bureaus to build credit

No credit needed HVAC & Water Heater Consumer Financing Options

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