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Bad Credit? Your Guide to Furnishing Your New Home

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Moving to a new apartment is a fun but overwhelming process. After finding your dream house or apartment, you have to deal with the actual moving process. If the apartment is not furnished, you have to get furniture and appliances after your big move. So, generally, moving is an expensive but necessary progression.

If you have bad credit and don’t want to break the bank furnishing your home, try rent to own furniture. Furniture financing is a suitable lease-purchase option as you get to set up your home as you rebuild your credit.

Before you visit Okinus Furniture Dealers, let’s clear all myths about lease purchase options for rent to own furniture.

1. Bad Credit Means No Approval

A lot of people assume that lease-purchase requires good credit. Luckily, Okinus credit solutions include programs that help you rebuild your credit as you rent furniture. Even if you have no credit or a bad credit score and can’t get a loan to furnish your new home, lease purchase options could be your way out.

With furniture financing, you do not have to worry about the disappointment of a disapproved application.

2. Payments Start Before You Get the Furniture

While some lease purchase programs need a deposit for rent to own furniture, others don’t. Therefore, you can get approval even without putting money down for the furniture. Even if your salesperson says you need a deposit, you won’t start paying the installments until your furniture is delivered.

The lease-purchase programs at Okinus stores ensure you get the furniture financing you need to furnish your apartment. Payment starts processing once the furniture has been delivered and you’ve picked it up.

3. Private Financial Information Is Not Secure With Financing Companies

During your lease-purchase application, the worst thing is having your private financial data leaking or being stolen. To prevent this, Okinus Credit Solutions keeps every application safe and confidential. The secure lease purchase programs help you furnish your new home with no-credit-needed financing.

What Is the Best Lease Purchase Option for You?

All furniture financing services and stores have their benefits. Although, the best options are the zero-down furniture leasing programs. Considering that the average lifespan of your couch is seven to 15 years, using a financial calculator will help you estimate the budget for furnishing your home.

You can either pay rent to own furniture costs upfront or in installments regardless of bad credit history or no credit!

Rebuilding Bad Credit With Rent to Own Furniture

Lease purchase programs are an opportunity for you to rebuild bad credit as your lease to buy your furniture. Furniture financing companies report all repayments to credit bureaus. So, if you make all payments and installments on time, you will rebuild your credit score.

At the end of it all, on top of your dream home well-furnished, you will also start your journey to good credit history and score. If you want to avoid high interests based on your monthly income, get a reputable lease-purchase store. Contact Okinus Credit Solutions today for furniture financing, appliance financing, and engagement financing.

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