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All You Need To Know About Jewelry Financing


Reliable statistics indicate that the FICO credit score for an average American is 700. While this by itself is quite impressive, sadly, most Americans can’t access credit for most of their needs. This is because financial institutions are very strict about why and whom they lend money.

As such, it’s unlikely that you will be as successful when seeking jewelry financing. Worse yet, if you have a low credit score, going to a traditional financial institution is not an option. It is in such situations as this that jewelry financing solutions come in handy.

Insights on Jewelry Financing

People have owned and acquired jewelry before the beginning of civilization. When you are looking to buy jewelry, you definitely want to have the best that you can find. Engagement rings are some of the most commonly purchased jewelry in the United States. If you are planning to propose, you want an engagement ring that will show your fiancée that they mean the world to you. That’s why engagement ring financing might be the perfect option for expensive tastes.

Jewelry goes far beyond engagement: jewelry financing can be an excellent gift for family and friends. For example, investing in a diamond-encrusted watch, a pearl necklace, or a ruby anklet can be a good idea for the holidays. Rely on this option to avoid getting yourself into a financial hole before the end of the year.

But what can Okinus do for me? Here’s how you can benefit from jewelry financing with this top retailer.

1. A Generous Financing Offer

Whether you are looking to buy jewelry, furniture, or appliances, generous financing options can help. With Okinus, you can lease-purchase any high-quality merchandise up to $6,000. This is among the highest lease-purchase offers that you can find in the market at the moment.

2. Easy Application

Your poor credit history should not make you shy away from Okinus credit solutions. After all, our bad credit financing application process is simple. There is little paperwork to deal with, and it’s all put down in easy-to-understand language. You won’t come across any terminologies that are meant to confuse you.

3. Top-Notch Customer Service

Okinus was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs who were inspired to help hardworking individuals fulfill their goals and live a better life. You can’t predict the future, but a lease-purchase program can help. Relying on Okinus credit solutions cover not only jewelry but also any other high-quality merchandise. Contact us today for more information on jewelry financing before the holidays.

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