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6 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Furniture


A couch can last for 7 to 15 years. With such a long lifespan, buyers are able to enjoy value for money. With furniture financing, most homeowners today are proud owners of quality tables, chairs, couches, and sofas. However, the process of buying furniture can at times be a dicey affair, particularly for a newbie. Pinpointing the right furniture calls for extra caution. Before settling for a given piece of furniture, there are a number of things you need to consider as discussed below.

1. Draft a Budget

Your financial situation dictates the kind of furniture you are to buy. Failure to have a budget with the harsh economy today can drive you into financial ruin. However, this is not to say that you should compromise on quality. With furniture financing companies like Okinus credit solutions, financing for furniture is possible. Most of these companies will even offer bad credit financing and products such as lease to own programs. With so many customer financing options in the market, owning your dream furniture can become a reality. Furniture financing is simply the best way to own the best furniture at an affordable price.

2. Lifestyle Assessment

Should you have pets or kids, easy to clean fabric and sturdy furniture is the way to go. When furnishing an area that’s not frequently used, like a den or library, focusing on aesthetics will be a good decision. The color of choice will highly depend on your lifestyle. White is a no-go zone with pets and children. Dark tones are most ideal under such circumstances to keep your living space looking in its element. Keep in mind that not even the sturdiest furniture is immune to wear and tear when abused.

3. Space Evaluation

Your living space can only accommodate a limited number of furniture. An excess will in most cases make any given space seem cluttered. On the other hand, there is a need for adequate table and seating surfaces. Striking a balance between the two is key in ensuring the new furniture matches your personality, needs, and space. Take some time to measure the room(s) as this will help know how your living space is being utilized after visualizing furniture placement. Now that most homeowners today incline towards big furniture, such planning ensures that what you buy fits the scale of your space. Never overlook space evaluation especially if your home has extensive floor plans, open lofts, and a soaring ceiling.

4. Quality

Whether a piece of furniture has a $1,000 or $10 price tag, you need something that is long-lasting. Knowing the quality standards to look for ensures that you don’t buy a lemon. There is a wide array of websites and books that offer advice on matters touching on furniture quality. When at the store, don’t be shy to flip over the reclining chair, pull apart the dining table, or open the dressing drawers. It’s only you who can do this and what you see might surprise you. In case of online furniture shopping, find out from the vendor if they’ve a local retailer near you. The major things to consider include:

  • Materials: Is the furniture made of simulated product, veneer, or solid wood? Is the hardware matching the furniture piece and is it concealed and rust proof?
  • Construction: Is the support adequate and the frame solid? Does the furniture have dovetailed corners and solid joinery (tongue and groove, mortise and tenon or double dowel)? Are the screws tight?
  • Finish: Needs to be deep, rich, and even. Keep an eye on issues such as splinters, brush strokes, and bubbling.
  • Cushions: Are the curves and corners properly defined? Are details such as buttons and welt securely attached?

5. Comfort

Trying out furniture samples is always a good idea. Spending top-dollar only to find out that the furniture sits too low/high or dips like a wet blanket is the last thing you want.

6. Your Preference Comes First

You should be the one who makes the final decision. A friend or salesperson shouldn’t push you into buying a piece of furniture that you don’t like.

Wrap Up

Owning the furniture of your dreams shouldn’t be a pipe dream. This is possible with options such as furniture financing. The above tips will help you get the best furniture when the time to buy comes.

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