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5 Signs Your Couch Is On Its Last Legs


It can be hard to let go of old furniture, especially when they helped make some of your favorite memories. When it comes to your couch, this can be one of the hardest decisions of all.

Even if you love your couch, however, your couch may not love you back. Here are five signs that you should invest in a furniture financing program to buy the couch of your dreams.

1. The cushions are sagging

Everyone loves a comfortable couch, but too much give can actually do more harm than good. Sagging occurs when a couch’s shape becomes too worn down to offer support. There might also be a hidden structural issue that’s almost impossible to fix. This might cause your body to sink too far into the couch or rest at an uncomfortable angle. If it’s hard to get out of your sofa, it’s time for a new couch.

2. It’s stained beyond recognition

Between kids, pets, and the occasional party, your couch takes on a lot of damage. While you might be able to mitigate the worst of the stains with a slipcover, it’s natural for your couch to take on a few blemishes over the years. When these stains start to bother you, it’s time for a furniture upgrade.

3. The fabric is worn out

There are a number of factors that can lead to your fabric fading including the sun, pets, and, of course, plenty of sitting. If you hate the look of a worn-out couch, you deserve to look over furniture financing options.

4. It’s loud

A creaky sofa is an unwelcome sofa. When your couch starts to make strange noises, it means a structural issue is on the rise. If your couch is close to breaking, it could put the safety of your family and friends in jeopardy.

5. It smells weird

A smelly couch is often fixed with a good scrub-down, but a lingering musty smell means your cushions could be taking on mold from the inside. Fixing this problem could actually cost you more in the long run. Instead of wasting money on a couch you hate, invest in furniture financing options to keep your family safe.

Furniture financing options have become a great way for families looking to spruce up their home. After all, the average life of a sofa is only seven to 15 years at most. With Okinus’ lease-purchase programs, you never need to worry about working the cost of a new couch into your budget. Contact Okinus today for more information on furniture and appliance financing.

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