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5 Reasons to Avoid Used Furniture


Sustainable furniture is the newest phrase for used or second-hand furniture. While there may be reasons that collectors seek out antique or vintage furniture, most of us are not in the antiquing hobby. Rather, we want furniture that we can use rather than just admire. Here are five reasons to forego used furniture and buy new furniture:

New Furniture Is Affordable

Although furniture is the third most expensive item a person will buy after a house and a car, new furniture does not need to break the bank. The average markup on furniture ranges from 200% to 400% at retail furniture stores. This means that a little bit of price comparison shopping can save several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Moreover, seeking out furniture discounters who work directly with manufacturers will lead to lower prices because discounters cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you.

To make furniture purchases even more affordable, you can take advantage of flexible lease-purchase programs for furniture financing. Lease-purchase programs use zero down furniture leasing contracts. Under these contracts, the leasing company purchases the furniture, then leases the furniture to you for a monthly fee. Through a zero down furniture leasing option, you can take the furniture home with you without any down payment. And as long as you make all the payments under the zero down furniture leasing program, you will own the furniture. Because zero down furniture leasing does not require credit or a credit check, it can also be used by purchasers who need bad credit financing options.


New furniture will last longer than used furniture. While furniture is durable, it does not last forever. Metal springs are susceptible to corrosion and fatigue, wood frames can rot or crack over time, and fasteners and glue will work loose under use. Moreover, paint and varnish fade and chip. Unless you are buying used furniture to restore, you may spend more time and money than you planned just repairing and maintaining your used furniture.

New furniture, depending on the quality of its construction, usually lasts at least seven years and can last decades if well cared for. Spread out over this long time span, new furniture may actually be a better value proposition than used furniture that has to be replaced every few years.


You do not know what environmental conditions your used furniture may have experienced. The previous owners of your used furniture may have had pets, stored the furniture in a dusty storage unit, or used the furniture in their thriving florist shop. If you have allergies or sensitivities, you may find that your used furniture triggers allergy attacks or, worse yet, asthma attacks, because of the allergens embedded in the furniture.


You might not notice it in the second-hand store, but once you get home, you may find that your used furniture has stains or smells that are not compatible with your standards of cleanliness. Every material, including wood and leather, will absorb cigarette smoke and the smell can persist for years after being removed from the smoky environment. Similarly, set-in stains from mildew, coffee, and human sweat can be some of the most difficult stains to remove. Buying used furniture could end up costing you more than new furniture if you need to clean or replace fabric, cushions, or padding to eliminate stains and smells.


One question that used furniture may always raise is whether it matches your style. When you purchase new furniture, you have the time and ability to find exactly the pieces of furniture that match your stylistic tastes. When you purchase used furniture, you have to rely on the second-hand store carrying something that matches what you are looking for. If it does not, you may need to compromise and find something that approximates your tastes.

New furniture is a good value proposition because of its durability. Significantly, affordable new furniture can be found by shopping for good deals, looking for a furniture discounter, and using zero down furniture leasing programs. Trust in Okinus to help you find the best new furniture on the market.

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