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4 Reasons to Seriously Consider Furniture Financing

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It’s easy to get caught up in the world of poorly made cheap chairs and plastic dining tables. However, with more and more furniture companies opening up their doors to all customers for furniture financing, no matter their credit, perhaps it’s time to start seriously considering these 4 reasons for furniture financing.

An option for a Better Living Situation Quickly

Unfortunately, for those that cannot afford furniture in cash, at times furniture financing seems like a far away option, and can have you feeling as if the futon will be your bed forever. However, the great thing about furniture financing is that companies are readily available to give poor credit holders a second, and better, chance at increasing their credit score. Flexible lease-purchase programs, using a furniture financing calculator, and bad credit financing are all options stores will be willing and open to discuss. This is especially helpful, as today, more than 43 million people in the U.S. have a poor credit score of below 600.

Reputable Companies offer Furniture Financing

If you’re considering furniture financing, there are already a number of companies with a long-standing reputation that offer furniture financing with little or no credit. These companies include Macy’s, Pier 1 Imports, Ethan Allen, CrateandBarrel, and Lay-Z boy among others. All these companies have expanded and experienced customer service teams, making it easier for first-time furniture financing and credit users to navigate the credit system.

Expanded Options and Versatility

If you’re worried about paying off a huge credit card bill from furniture financing outlets, keep in mind that your local furniture store more than likely sells a variety of merchandise that doesn’t have to blow your bank account. Furniture financing is available from financing for appliances, financing electronics such as TV’s, and other smaller furniture pieces. Bigger companies such as IKEA also offers furniture financing, and has many cheap options for several furniture items and everyday household tools, children’s toys, etc.. Knowing that furniture means everyday necessities will help in making your decision to finance furniture.

Financial Discipline Can be Learned

The beauty, and sometimes downfall, of furniture financing is that in-store deals offer a big discount when signing up, low interest, but also hidden interest payments that can hurt you if your card’s promotional offer and 0% APR expire. Luckily, if one keeps the financing options open to including smaller furniture, can budget payments properly throughout the year, and wants to do what is possible to either increase or create a new credit score, in-store furniture financing can be a great first stepping stone to increased financial responsibility.

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