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4 Items You Need for Fall and Winter Entertaining


As the weather turns cold, windy, and wet, most people will turn their attention from entertaining outdoors to entertaining indoors. With options like flexible lease-purchase programs, it is possible for most hosts to acquire whatever they need to enjoy spending time inside. Here are four items you will want to consider having for your fall and winter entertaining.


If you cook, you might need a new oven. A 15-pound turkey usually requires three to four hours to roast properly. A good electric oven only achieves about 12% in efficiency, meaning that only 12% of the heat generated makes it into the food. An old electric oven is even less efficient since insulation and heating elements wear down over time. This increases cooking time and energy consumption.

Convection ovens circulate hot air inside the oven to produce a more even cooking environment. A new convection oven is 20% more efficient than conventional ovens. This not only means lower energy costs, but it also means that the turkey will be cooked in three to four hours instead of five. A new convection oven can be more expensive than a new conventional oven. However, appliance financing such as lease-purchase programs can make a new oven affordable.

Dining Room Set

Once your turkey is cooked, you need a place to eat it. A new dining room set can be surprisingly expensive, depending on the materials.

  • – The most popular dining room table material is hardwood, like oak, mahogany, cherry, and walnut. Hardwood is long-lasting but is more expensive than softwoods like pine and spruce.
  • – Metal is durable and does not stain. If it is polished, fingerprints, spills, and drips are very visible and, like glass, will require frequent cleaning. Metal can dent or bend upon impact which can leave an unattractive pucker in the table.
  • – Marble is durable and easy to clean, but very heavy and expensive.

These materials offer trade-offs in durability, maintenance, and price. Once you find one that fits your style, finance options include zero down furniture leasing. In this case, the leasing company buys the furniture and leases it to you so you can take it home immediately.


Part of your fall and winter entertaining may include football. Or, maybe you just want to be able to watch Christmas specials on a 4K TV.

4K is the most current standard for film and TV production. “4K” refers to the horizontal resolution, which is about 4,000 pixels. Although retailers use the terms interchangeably, “4K” only refers to the cameras and production equipment and “ultra HD” refers to the TVs that display the film or TV program. While the jump from low resolution to HD was very noticeable, the jump from HD to ultra HD is less noticeable except in larger TVs.

Options for financing electronics like TVs include lease-purchase plans that enable lease payments over time. This can make an expensive television all the more affordable.


A sofa is a fairly good investment as far as furniture goes. The average sofa can last over eight years. Like dining tables, sofas can be made from a variety of materials.

  • – Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are natural products that do not include any petroleum by-products. However, natural fabrics can be flammable if not treated with flame retardants. They can also be degraded by sun and moisture.
  • – Synthetic fabrics like polyester, microfiber, and nylon are strong, durable, and can be treated to resist stains. They can attract lint, cat fur, and dirt, and are prone to static electricity build-up.
  • – Leather lasts up to four times as long as fabric options, but it can be expensive. Moreover, leather is difficult and expensive to repair.

A new sofa is a prime candidate for financing options like zero down furniture leasing. Fall and winter entertaining is much easier with new appliances, electronics, and furniture. Rely on Okinus when you want to entertain this fall.

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