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3 Disadvantages of Buying a Cheap Engagement Ring


It’s likely that you’ve read think pieces recently about how fewer people are getting married in the United States. But the reality is that a lot of us are still getting married. In fact, about half of all Americans over the age of 18 were married as of 2017; people clearly still want to make that commitment. But with that commitment, even if the wedding itself is low-key and affordable, comes another, more expensive commitment. The vast majority of us buy engagement rings for our partners before proposing. It’s traditional, and most people do expect engagement rings when they are being proposed to. The problem is that engagement rings can be fairly expensive.

Now, there are cheap options when it comes to engagement rings. But the reality is that there are a lot of disadvantages to buying cheap engagement rings. Buying affordable doesn’t mean buying cheap. Additionally, engagement ring financing makes rings with a variety of different price ranges available to everyone; so why not take advantage of them? With that being said, let’s look into some of the reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap engagement rings.

1. Low Quality

Obviously, one of the biggest disadvantages of buying low-quality engagement rings rather than simply considering engagement ring financing is the lack of quality of the ring. Many engagement rings are made fairly cheaply. This means that the metals may not be high quality, and additionally, the stones won’t be either. Often, you can see the difference in less expensive, cheap engagement rings. They won’t have as much luster, and the metal of the ring may be more easily tarnished. They will technically be what they’re marketed as, but you will see a marked difference in them in comparison to high-quality engagement rings.

You don’t have to settle for low-quality engagement rings. Bad credit financing is available for great engagement rings, and you can have a high-quality option no matter what your initial budget is. Not only does this ensure that you can get a ring that you will be proud of; you also may have the option of rebuilding credit in the long term as you make regular payments on the engagement ring that you buy.

2. A Displeased Partner

Nobody who wants a long term partnership and truly loves someone marries their partner simply because they received a nice engagement ring. But an engagement ring is a grand gesture, and people do generally expect an engagement ring that is of good quality. If you buy a low-quality engagement ring rather than considering engagement ring financing, your partner may be offended and feel as if you don’t value them.

Again, a high-quality engagement ring doesn’t necessarily equal an overly expensive ring. But good engagement rings are naturally more luxurious purchases. Even more affordable engagement rings may be tall orders for people with limited budgets. This is why finance options are made available to people with those limited budgets, and people with bad credit as well.

3. Shortened Ring Longevity

Another major reason why you should consider engagement ring financing for a more high-quality ring is that you can often be more able to afford a ring that will last. Engagement rings always require some kind of maintenance over the years. They need to be cleaned regularly and should be seen by a jeweler in order to be adjusted and maintained. But the fact is that an engagement ring should not fall apart. Jewels shouldn’t be falling out of your partner’s engagement ring, and if you pay for a cheap ring of low quality, you may be dealing with this embarrassing issue.

Fortunately, early payment options ensure that you can buy a ring that will last a lifetime. You and your partner will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that you don’t have to worry about embarrassingly tarnished metal, or God forbid, a jewel falling out.

Engagement rings are expensive. There is no way around it without seriously sacrificing quality. But if you finance your engagement ring, you can pay it off over time. That way, your partner will get the ring they deserve, and you will rest easy knowing that you can afford it.

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